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I’m a young woman in my late 20’s that has always been into health and fitness. At 18 years old I started competing in fitness for about 9 years. My whole life I always stayed active playing sports and eating right. As years went by and I got older I was diagnosed with Grand Mal seizures.


I was only 24 at the time and didn’t know what to think of my life anymore. Learning about epilepsy taught me so many different remedies that would make me feel better. I was on medication for 3 years and did not want to take medication for the rest of my life. I educated myself and came across medicinal plants and herbs.


I learned so much about it and how great of health benefits it has. Not only for seizures is it huge also for anxiety, stress, weight management, depression, acne, inflammation pain relief and more! Also having horrible anxiety due other issues it truly worked magic for me. Trying it out I found how much better I was feeling from it. I wanted to come out with a product for you all to not only help you all get these amazing things for great health benefits but to also enjoy the product in a new very different way!


CBD infused cooking spices just for any dish you put together. These spices will not only make your taste buds go nuts but you will be in taking a great supplement combined with it your meals! From breakfast, snacks, dinner, desserts and cake you can cook with anything having these spices! Lets get you on Lit Spices and become apart of the Lit Family! What better way to stay Lit then spicing up your food?!

Owner • Bella Ferrari

Alberto Paganini

"It’s about progress not perfection"

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